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It Seems the roads in South Africa have been blocked by Toyota's, VW's, Nissans, Kia's, Fords, Hyundai's and other Riff Raff. The departure of GM from the local scene announced last Thursday is no surprise to me. It is a sad reminder that when you do not respond to changing times, the world

GMSA 3800 GT – The Biggest Blunder? The Lost Diamond.

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When there is the opportunity to do something spectacular in this car-cult driven industry of ours, the full achievement of that often depends on circumstance…. and sadly also on the probability of clouded thinking and limited vision. I guess the number of lost opportunities could fill a library and the number of frustrated engineers facing

Part 3 continued – The GM Dealer Teams

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HDT – Holden Dealer Team Australia Unlike the later start-up of the European Dealer Teams, Holden themselves were the prime motivators for getting involved in front line motorsport. Harry Firth Joined Holden from Ford motorsport to start the Holden Dealer Team in 1969. Harry was an experienced race engineer, developer and