Great Times In The Motor Industry

Welcome fellow car enthusiasts! Putting together this blog about fast saloon cars of the 60’s and 70’s has made me realise many things, firstly that it’s not just us oldies that are interested. The younger generation of petrol heads are as excited to hear about what went on in those years as we are to reminisce about them. And I remember more than a few things, because I lived the dream.

I am a natural born car enthusiast. Trained as an engineer in the business of cars, I have designed, tested, modified, raced, crashed, rebuilt and sold these machines through the years. So with this blog platform, I am looking to write about just how exciting those times were for people like us. And in the process I might rattle some cages, but the statute of limitations is long gone, and I do enjoy a good debate about cars.

Understand though, I am a GM man, so my scribbles are from that perspective, Ford readers are welcome…for now. We are going to cover the early years of quick saloon cars and some of the fascinating people that made it all happen. We will look into the failure of the General to get involved, Fords mercurial rise by getting properly stuck in and plenty of stuff on other cars and manufacturers. I’ll tie this all in with my personal experiences and grab some headphones as there will be music associated to each article (If we are going down memory lane, we need a soundtrack).

There is a lot of ground to cover, so get comfy and let’s take a leisurely cruise into the good old days.

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