The Opel Kadett

The Opel Kadett Project

This is very much a passion project where we do what has not been done on these little cars before. Born into an era where performance versions of small cars were being developed by most manufacturers, this little car was completely forgotten by Opel. A sad indictment indeed because the massive potential of this car could have matched anything running during the period. Hamstring by silly homologation regulations…wherever freedoms to modify the package on par with competition such as Minis, Fords and the rest, the machine could match or in most cases better the opposition. That left a lot of work to be done and we are still busy…The Blydenstein project covers the more recent work. In the present format fitted with a 1273cc version of the original and in road tune it is a rocket…able to accelerate to 100Kmh (at 1500m altitude) in 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 112Mph. That will more than take on any 1300 from back in the day…were not finished yet.

Tuning the GM Little Block | PART 3

WE NOW GET TO THE MEAT OF TUNING THE LITTLE BLOCK…. PORTING THE CYLINDER HEAD This is one area where the game is won or lost and an ongoing discussion point with tuners who continue down the route of small diameter inlet ports. No tuned OHV looking for real horsepower  (I refer mainly to

Tuning the GM Little Block | PART 2

993 PROJECT – DYNAMOMETER DEBRIEF Whenever I have the opportunity to carry out seemingly random testing, I do so to fill the information bank…because as we move along in doing this work, all info fills in the puzzle just a teeny bit. So… when we fired up the 993 it made

Tuning The GM Little Block | PART 1

INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Hello Little Block folk. I have been intrigued at the interest you have in this little masterpiece and in the type of questions being asked….So…I have decided to put together a very simple guide for tuning the Opel/Vauxhall OHV. Everything is based on the KISS principle (Keep It

A Different Corner Pt.1

This portion of the blog has to do with very different thinking and the absolute necessity to bring an alternative view of the 60’s and 70’s gearhead view to readers. Call it a different Compass. We will look at the ‘realities’ as opposed to the folk lore and ask many what-if’s.  There will undoubtedly be

The Blydenstein Project | Part Three

Finding The Power Before we get into finding the power, we will cover the remaining issues affecting combustion control and engine knock/detonation. Part Two has resulted in some interesting comment from readers who ask the question as to why I have focused so much on this aspect

The Blydenstein Project | Part 2

“26.15” Careful attention to detail in building the ultimate OHV Little Block has resulted in the sort of performance we could only have dreamed of back in the day. Surprisingly though, everything that has been done is 60’s relevant. In Part 3 at the end of his piece we will cover the most

The Bazooka

The 70's were a simpler times for enthusiasts. Chips were edible, maps were used to find directions and flashing a bit rude. Tuning an engine was a visceral smelled petrol, listened to the engine, read the sparkplugs and felt the pulse. In This article we go back to those times and do it

Infinite Grease Monkey Theorem Part Two

A Fox In The Henhouse This part of the story covers, dare I say, a unique once in a lifetime experience for those involved. There were so many lessons to be learned by every single one of us caught up in the events of that day in Oudtshoorn, that it collectively changed our

The Infinite Grease Monkey Theorem

In the sixties, if you had arrived on earth from Mars as a raving racing saloon car nut, you would have quickly realised that there were only a few car brands in certain parts of our planet, namely Ford, Mini and Renault, with an occasional appearance from Alfa and Volvo….there were quite obviously no others.

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