GM – General Motors

GM – General Motors

General Motors Formed the major part of my early work career and the first four years in training. The Company is my Alma Mata in that respect and as a result leaves an indelible mark. Once a very proud and top-class establishment in the motor manufacturing business, producing well accepted product throughout the main period covered by these writings during 60’s and 70’s. In various posts we cover in many tales, some of the best and also some of downside of this once spectacular organisation.

1965 Opel Kadett Station Wagon

A real opportunity for someone who wishes to create an original or in this particular case an absolutely unique Restomod. In restoring old cars, those who wish to do so fall into the two distinct categories … Firstly the detailed restorer where everything needs to be exactly as the car left the factory, including

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Tuning the GM Little Block | PART 3

WE NOW GET TO THE MEAT OF TUNING THE LITTLE BLOCK…. PORTING THE CYLINDER HEAD This is one area where the game is won or lost and an ongoing discussion point with tuners who continue down the route of small diameter inlet ports. No tuned OHV looking for real horsepower  (I refer mainly to

Tuning the GM Little Block | PART 2

993 PROJECT – DYNAMOMETER DEBRIEF Whenever I have the opportunity to carry out seemingly random testing, I do so to fill the information bank…because as we move along in doing this work, all info fills in the puzzle just a teeny bit. So… when we fired up the 993 it made

The Firenza V8 Can Am Road Test

The Real Story About How A Road Test Mislead Generations Of Petrolheads The Firenza V8 or Can Am as we prefer to call it, is just one of those cars we as petrolheads honour as being something really special from back in the day. It carries with

The Blydenstein Project | Part Three

Finding The Power Before we get into finding the power, we will cover the remaining issues affecting combustion control and engine knock/detonation. Part Two has resulted in some interesting comment from readers who ask the question as to why I have focused so much on this aspect

The Blydenstein Project | Part 2

“26.15” Careful attention to detail in building the ultimate OHV Little Block has resulted in the sort of performance we could only have dreamed of back in the day. Surprisingly though, everything that has been done is 60’s relevant. In Part 3 at the end of his piece we will cover the most

The Blydenstein Project

The GM “Little Block” and the Magic 1273 Work on the GM's small four of the 60's an 70's continues...but this time on a larger capacity version of the engine. Whilst based on the work done on the magic 1088 I have not simply built a larger capacity version of

Part 2 | The Pontiac GTO | 1963 – Ten Years of Thunder

I have selected the top ten from the era -  mid 1963 to end 1973. The choice is based on my heartfelt memories of the times … and some may be a surprise… read on.  2nd Place In our list of early performance cars THE PONTIAC GTO You Be

Firenza Can Am

THE CHEVROLET FIRENZA CAN AM WAKING FROM A DEEP SLEEP Part One This series of posts can best be read in conjunction with other blog articles on this site:            ‘NO OPTION BUT TO OPTION’….And… ‘FORDOMINATION PART 3' These stories give a picture of the macro GM status

The Bazooka

The 70's were a simpler times for enthusiasts. Chips were edible, maps were used to find directions and flashing a bit rude. Tuning an engine was a visceral smelled petrol, listened to the engine, read the sparkplugs and felt the pulse. In This article we go back to those times and do it

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