A real opportunity for someone who wishes to create an original or in this particular case an absolutely unique Restomod.

In restoring old cars, those who wish to do so fall into the two distinct categories …

Firstly the detailed restorer where everything needs to be exactly as the car left the factory, including colours and trim along with the classic ‘matching numbers’ for mechanical components. This results obviously in maximising the value of the completed car within the envelope of the larger classic car business. In turn the car is either used for personal pleasure or as a dedicated business tool put up for sale.

The second route is the Restomod and here the potential restorer has an open specification sheet where virtually anything goes in the rebuilding of the basic vehicle, the body shell being the core. Some cars are outrageous but in the main, Restomods are modernised only in critical areas by updating brakes, suspension, wheels, tyres and trim and of course a bit of sound insulation …basically making them good driving cars but keeping the overall Classic look in place.

This Station wagon can go either way…but my choice was to go the Restomod route…Keep the shell stock…no flared fenders but do the rest…mainly because that engine can stretch its legs and provide enough power to make a real stormer and a brilliant long distance cruiser.

Stock Rebuild



A Few Advantages to the Restomod route:

Firstly due to the type of car and current market trends for old Kadett Classics the Restomod route is likely to have better resale value in Restomod form than the original.

A full specification has been drawn up to create a spectacular road car should the decision go the Restomod route.

Engine:                               1273cc 100Bhp
Performance:                    Max Speed 180Kmh
0-100Km/h    8 Sec
Fuel Cons                           6 L/100  KM

Suspension                        Lowered and upgraded to a known Special Spec.

Brakes:                                1966 Opel Kadett Disc Brakes


The original parts removed from the car during the teardown are part of the sale and have not been reconditioned.

The body shell has been sand blasted and repaired to remove any rust and damaged panels.

The Body has been Etch-Primered  and painted a first two coat in Arctic White

Final Bodywork Final paint and clear coat still required. The initial bodywork and painting was done at the outset to protect the shell, as the time period for restoration was expected to be extensive.

The original engine mechanical components will be part of the sale and all mechanicals are in component form having been stripped for inspection so far.

Technical support

Rebuilding the car to the Restomod spec will require the purchase of different components mostlly from later Opel Kadett models. These parts in turn need to be rebuilt to a new specification which has been drawn up and depend on the spec the new owner will require. Most  of these parts whilst different are bolt-on with the exception of a suggestion to run a 5 speed gearbox as part of the Restomod upgrade.

All Tech details are available from the seller.

Price – Project car @R20 000.