Fordomination Part 4

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Of MAE’s, FVA’s ,DFV’s…and in part Five…… a lone TC The legacy of Ford’s hard work and commitment to motor sport in the 60’s filtered well into the 70’S and when, early in the new decade they took their foot off the loud pedal, such was the momentum that saloon car race grids

Fordomination 1962 – 1972 | Part Three

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This is now a four part tale of the Ford years. The first covers something of the overall picture of what happened during this period (with SA bias), the second looks at the effect the Ford onslaught had on the street and the third, itself a two part story, a brief look at the

Fordomination 1962 – 1972 | Part One

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A NOTE on PICTURES ON THIS SITE For the meantime and until the sight gets some traction, all pics used in the write-ups are selected from Free To Use portfolios on the Net. I have taken precautions to confirm that this is OK. Should any pics used not conform to this norm kindly make