Ten Years of Thunder

1963… Then Ten Years Of Thunder

Defining events seldom come in greater numbers…it’s 1963…. the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Stereo, FM radio, Drive-in movies and Roadhouses, JFK and the (very hot) Cold War, Boeing 707,s, The race to the moon, Martin Luther King’s dream… and a portent of springbok rugby, H.O. de Villiers the school rugby captain… It was a hugely

Part 1 | The Lotus Cortina MK 1 | 1963 – Ten Years of Thunder

I have selected the top ten from the era -  mid 1963 to end 1973. The choice is based on my heartfelt memories of the times … and some may be a surprise… read on. #1 In our list of early performance cars THE LOTUS CORTINA MK 1 A

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