1963… Then Ten Years Of Thunder

Defining events seldom come in greater numbers…it’s 1963…. the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Stereo, FM radio, Drive-in movies and Roadhouses, JFK and the (very hot) Cold War, Boeing 707,s, The race to the moon, Martin Luther King’s dream… and a portent of springbok rugby, H.O. de Villiers the school rugby captain… It was a hugely

A Different Corner Pt.1

This portion of the blog has to do with very different thinking and the absolute necessity to bring an alternative view of the 60’s and 70’s gearhead view to readers. Call it a different Compass. We will look at the ‘realities’ as opposed to the folk lore and ask many what-if’s.  There will undoubtedly be

Part 3 The Top Ten | The Renault R8 Gordini.

I have selected the top ten from the era – mid 1963 to end 1973. The choice based on my heartfelt memories of the times…and some may be a surprise… read on #3 - In our list of early Performance cars.... The Renault R8 Gordini. 1296cc R8 GORDINIS IN THEIR

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