The Blydenstein Project | Part 2

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“26.15” Careful attention to detail in building the ultimate OHV Little Block has resulted in the sort of performance we could only have dreamed of back in the day. Surprisingly though, everything that has been done is 60’s relevant. In Part 3 at the end of his piece we will cover the most


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It Seems the roads in South Africa have been blocked by Toyota's, VW's, Nissans, Kia's, Fords, Hyundai's and other Riff Raff. The departure of GM from the local scene announced last Thursday is no surprise to me. It is a sad reminder that when you do not respond to changing times, the world

Fordomination 1962 – 1972 | Part Two

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This is a three part tale of the Ford years. The first covers something of the overall picture of what happened during this period (with SA bias), the second looks at the effect the Ford onslaught had  on the street and lastly a brief look at the response, mainly from a GM perspective.