GM – General Motors

GM – General Motors

General Motors Formed the major part of my early work career and the first four years in training. The Company is my Alma Mata in that respect and as a result leaves an indelible mark. Once a very proud and top-class establishment in the motor manufacturing business, producing well accepted product throughout the main period covered by these writings during 60’s and 70’s. In various posts we cover in many tales, some of the best and also some of downside of this once spectacular organisation.

Part 3 continued – The GM Dealer Teams

HDT – Holden Dealer Team Australia Unlike the later start-up of the European Dealer Teams, Holden themselves were the prime motivators for getting involved in front line motorsport. Harry Firth Joined Holden from Ford motorsport to start the Holden Dealer Team in 1969. Harry was an experienced race engineer, developer and

Fordomination 1962 – 1972 | Part Two

This is a three part tale of the Ford years. The first covers something of the overall picture of what happened during this period (with SA bias), the second looks at the effect the Ford onslaught had  on the street and lastly a brief look at the response, mainly from a GM perspective.

The Camaro Z28 – Our own version of Bullitt.

Port Elizabeth South Africa was Motor Town back in the day, with both GM and Ford having built cars in the city since the 20’s, this was mini Detroit. The whole place seemed to be linked to one or other of those two companies either directly or through links connected to suppliers, truck body builders

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